People Before Profit Calls on Cork to Say NO to Water Charges

The Cork branch of People Before Profit are calling for a massive outpouring of support on Leeside streets this Saturday, January 31st, as community groups and politicians come together to remind the government that the people will not accept water charges.

Beginning at 2pm on the Grand Parade, this Saturday will once again see Cork city centre thronged with people marching against the unwanted Water Charges Bill being forced into law by the current government. Under the banner of Cork Says No a total of twelve community groups, including a strongly active People Before Profit, have organised a rally and march to remind the Taoiseach that the anger and solidarity witnessed in Dublin on December 10th has not dissipated and still flames in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Cork.

People Before Profit spokesperson and community organiser Jim O’Connell has been involved in the campaign against water charges from the very beginning of the struggle, and had this to say today: “we in People Before Profit have been in communities, we have been talking to people who barely made it through Christmas, who have nothing more to give and who will be out on the streets this Saturday to say enough is enough.”

Jim said, “the Christmas break may have led the government to believe that people have forgotten about water charges, forgotten their anger, but they’ll see on Saturday that this is definitely not the case.”

According to Jim, People Before Profit will join with their partners from all across the political and community network in Cork in speaking to the crowds on Saturday on the Grand Parade. “We know that people will come out, and we ask them to come out strongly. Make your voice heard this Saturday, don’t let the government think they can walk over us, that we will lie down and take their corruption. Cork people have always stood up for what they believed in, so let’s do it again, stand together and achieve what we know is right – getting rid of Irish Water, water charges, and eventually, this government.”

The rally will assemble at 2pm on Saturday 31st outside the City Library and will march down Grand Parade and on to Patrick Street. For further information, please contact Jim O’Connell of People Before Profit  on 0863556482.

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