People Before Profit Cork Call for Strength and Clarity on Abortion in Ireland

The Cork branch of the People Before Profit Alliance today expressed disappointment at the short-sighted defeat of Clare Daly TD’s Private Members Bill legislating for abortion in circumstances of fatal foetal abnormality, last night. Clare Daly’s bill called for changes in legislation to allow for women to seek and undergo termination of a pregnancy in Ireland in cases where the chances of foetal survival are extremely unlikely.

People Before Profit Cork spokesperson Jim O’Connell today said that the Dáil showed cowardice in defeating the bill, and was completely out of touch with the clear will of the Irish people: “Recent polls have shown 80% public support for the introduction of legislation that will allow for pregnancy termination in the case of fatal foetal abnormality. The government is once again showing its disconnect from the will of the people of Ireland by voting against last night’s bill and refusing to properly consider what is an issue of ethics and human rights.”

According to Mr. O’Connell, “Successive governments have refused to give proper and effective consideration to the issue of a woman’s right to choose in this country. Instead, they bury their heads in the sand and hide behind unclear legislation and a decades old referendum vote. It is time now for strength, not cowardice; for clarity, not confusion.”

“Minister Varadkar has reportedly suggested that the government deal with the abortion question after the next general election – a sickeningly callous statement. The time to deal with this issue has long since passed, every procrastination is a mark of how little this government thinks of the women of Ireland and their right to choose what happens to their bodies. Avoiding confronting the abortion crisis – and it is a crisis – in case it may cause a drop in traditional votes before the next election, shows just how little conviction this government has in dealing with matters of moral, ethical and humanitarian importance.”

“Matters of physical and mental well-being, a woman’s right over her own body, such a simple, fundamental right, is so much more important than party politics. Clare Daly’s bill should have been allowed to pass because it is right, and if the government is so concerned about its constitutionality then where is their alternative? The time is now to legislate for a woman’s right to choose abortion, People Before Profit is calling on the government to act, not hide.”

Jim O’Connell, spokesperson for People Before Profit Alliance Cork, is available for comment on 0863556482.

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