Proposed Legislation: Another Disgraceful Attack

waterPress Release


People Before Profit Alliance Cork


Jim O’Connell, a spokesperson for the People Before Profit Alliance in Cork City slams the latest disgraceful attack by the government on the people of this country. The plans to deduct water charges from social welfare and wages is a serious abuse of power. The idea trying to use landlords to deduct the water charges from tenants deposits would put the landlords in the position of bully enforcers for a bully corrupt government.

“The proposed legislation is another illustration of the fact that the government is still intent on betraying the trust put in them by the electorate. Once again the Labour party show their utter contempt for the people who put their trust in them.

We must keep up this campaign against these unjust charges. We have to keep up the street demos and protests and especially the boycott of water bills. We must galvanize the communities in a show of resistance.

It is still a fact today that penalties for non-payment will not kick in until after the general election. We must use that time to press on and grow the protest and boycott campaigns. Fighting together we can kill off the Irish Water project and force the government to call an early election and face the people to receive their well deserved punishment.”


Jim O’Connell is a People Before Profit candidate in Cork South Central for the upcoming general election.

He can be contacted for comment at: 0863556482

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