Jim O’Connell for Cork South Central

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Jim O’Connell – People Before Profit General Election Candidate for Cork South Central

Why we need a new political movement.

We need a new political movement that will clean up the corruption of Irish Politics and offer a real alternative to the existing political establishment.

The People Before Profit Alliance is the start of such a movement.

Instead of saying “Elect us and we will bring you change”  we say “Organize Yourselves – People Power Will Bring Change.”

In Cork, as well as all around the country, we work with people and groups on the ground to effect change and empower ourselves. The People Before Profit General Election Candidate for Cork South Central is Jim O’Connell.

Jim has worked extensively  within the constituency and on a national level on the important issues such as the fight against austerity, the provision and upkeep of decent housing for all and the protection of our environment including the preservation of our natural assets.

Jim has stood and worked with community groups and local campaigns against the unfair imposition of  property tax and water charges as well as the very successful campaign against the privatization and sale of our national forestry.

He is determined to present to the people of Cork South Central the opportunity to participate in a new form of politics where representation means using the parliamentary institutions for the benefit of people and not for the political class, monopolizing corporations or the exploitative tax evaders like Denis O’Brien.

Jim wants to work with you, not against you as others have done once elected. He believes that together  we can bring about the change we deserve.

Jim can be contacted by:
Phone:   086 3556482
email:     jimpbpcork@gmail.com
Twitter:   @JimPBPCork
Facebook:  Jim PBP Cork

This Government Must Go Put People Before Profit
This Government Must Go! Put People Before Profit!

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