We need to take the next step to full Equality. Repeal the 8th Amendment


Three weeks after Ireland’s overwhelming YES vote for equality in the May 22nd marriage referendum, the United Nations and Amnesty International condemned Ireland for: “violating the human rights of women and girls”.

Cork South Central’s 68% YES vote on May 22nd showed that we value equality and human rights very highly. However, the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution puts the rights of the foetus over the rights of women. This means we are not complying with our human rights obligations, we are not equal after all.

4,000 women a year travel abroad seeking legal terminations. That’s 40,000 Irish citizens a decade who do not feel equal, who do not feel their human rights are respected.

We know you want equality, we know you value human rights – you voted in your hundreds of thousands in Cork to show this to the world. Now we need to vote again, until every citizen of Ireland feels respected and equal. #Repealthe8th #YesEquality

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