8th Amendment–Labour’s Level of Hypocrisy Worse Than Ever

Candidate Photo   Jim O'Connell



By  Jim O’Connell

People Before Profit Candidate, Cork South Central.
The hypocrisy of the Irish Labour Party is well known. During their current spell in government (which is thankfully coming to an end very soon) they betrayed the people of this country at every turn. They reneged on their pre-election promises without at much as an embarrassed blush and played an enthusiastic role in inflicting austerity, imposing welfare, social services, healthcare and education cuts. They hid behind the mantra of “protecting core rates” while ensuring that the most vulnerable, the sick, the elderly, single parents and children saw their already meagre supports reduced drastically in real terms.
The departure of Labour’s previous party leader was a welcome event. Their current leader has proved to be one of the most hypocritical of all their most prominent figures.
Joan Burton’s latest statement on Labour’s supposed commitment to “completely removing” the Eight Amendment ban on abortion takes the level of hypocrisy up another peg.Her contention that Labour is the only political party which would guarantee a referendum on the issue has been correctly described by Annette Mooney of People Before Profit as “the definition of hypocrisy” and “a hallmark of the Labour Party”.
The evidence of Labour’s treacherous hypocrisy on the abortion issue is clear to be seen: They voted for the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill which effectively makes anyone who takes an abortion pill guilty of a crime with a penalty of 14 years in prison.They helped to defeat a Bill put forward by Clare Daly aimed at alleviating some of the horrible trauma that people have to go through as a result of cases of Fatal Foetal Abnormalities.
Over the last five years the vigour with Labour inflicted pain and austerity on many people in this county (including those who voted them in only to be betrayed) was never close to being matched by efforts to secure a critically necessary referendum on the Eight Amendment.
We in People Before Profit stand solidly for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment as do other groupings who we work with on the issue.
It is imperative that we in this country move quickly to ensure, respect and facilitate a woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding reproduction, including the right to free, safe, and legal abortion.
Labour has been hypocritically negligent on this issue, just as they have been positively corrupt on other issues.
Send a message to Labour and all the others who would keep us bound up in an unequal society.
Let’s ensure and respect the equality of women.
Send Labour to the dustbin of regrettable history.

Vote People Before Profit.

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