Spailpín Fánach (uptairs)

Thurs 21st Jan 8pm

In this centenary year of a very significant event in Irish history we have an opportunity to take a major step toward the full emancipation of all our people.

It has already been a long time coming and over the past one hundred years the cause of equality and true politcal and economic freedom for all has had many setbacks as well as advancements.

Recent times have seen some of the most inspiring events in the history of the fight against tyranny. The rise of People Power brought hundreds of thousand of people onto the streets. Communities, political parties, unions and individuals continue to stand shoulder to shoulder united in their determination to carry on the fight with the same spirit shown by the men and women who one hundred years ago acted as one when socialists, republicans, teachers, feminists, academics, factory workers and clerks faced down the might of the most powerful empire of the day.

The words “revolution” and “rising” are very relevant today, not just because of the significance of the anniversary but also because the governing powers today are facing resistance on a massive scale. The anti water charges movement which has gone from strength to strength takes to the streets again in major rallies throughout the country on Jan 23rd including in Cork City at 2pm on theGrand Parade. There will be another major rally before polling day.

On the ground across Cork and the rest of the country resistance to water metering holds firm while the government massages the figures to conceal the true extent of the payment boycott.

Nurses, teachers retail workers the elderly, the sick and the young have shown they will not lie down for the continuing chaos of austerity while the government shamelessly spins the lie of stability in recovery.

A riot of resistance at the ballot box is only part of the movement of the Risen People.

On Thursday Jan 21st socialist autthor John Molyneux and People Before Profit candidate in Cork South Central Jim O’Connell will take part in a Public Meeting to discuss “1916-2016 Towards a New Rising”

The meeting takes place at 8pm at the Spailpín Fánach , South Main Street(upstairs).

All are welcome.

More info: peoplebeforeprofit@gmail.com 0863556482

Public Meeting 21-1-16 Poster


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