People Before Profit Cork Calls for Support for Anti-Racism Day of Action


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Press Release

The People Before Profit Alliance i Cork Calls for Support for Anti Racism Day of Action
The party known as Identity Ireland recently held a “press” conference in Blarney where they hosted Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defence League, a far-right Islamaphobic group.
Robinson is currently promoting the establishment of new branches of the group Pegida throughout Europe. Pegida was first established in Dresden Germany where it launched its campaign against the imagined threat of the “islamification of Europe”

Peter O’Loughlin, leader of Identity Ireland is, along with Robinson and others, promoting the scheduled launch of an Irish branch of Pegida in Dublin next Saturday Feb 6th.
They are seeking to use the disaffection and anger of ordinary people at the very real discrimination of our most vulnerable by our current and previous governments and their austerity program and channel it away from the source of that austerity and discrimination.

The very real problems and difficulties experienced by many people are the result of exploitation and inequality visited on us by the neoliberal establishment and the undemocratic structures that take more and more of our rights away.
None of this is caused by immigrants and people of “other faiths”. For the most part those people have suffered and continue to be disproportionately discriminated against by the same entities who oppress us all.
We should welcome them as brothers and sisters, not as some sinister strangers to be feared.

What is to be feared is the attempted rise of sinister forces who would seek to divide us and deflect our attention from the real enemy of the people namely unrepresentative unaccountable government and their corporate cronies.

Next Saturday at an Anti Racism Action event many will take to the streets of Dublin in solidarity with those who are the blameless targets of the likes of Robinson, and O’Loughlin.
People Before Profit Cork is calling on everyone to support this event.
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