1916: Ireland’s Revolutionary Tradition


Book Launch

1916: Ireland’s Revolutionary Tradition

The People Before Profit Alliance are hosting a Public Meeting with Kieran Allen as part of the launch of his new book on the 1916 Rising.

The meeting will take place at Isaac’s Hotel, MacCurtain St. Cork on Tuesday 5th April at 8pm and All are Welcome

In 1916: Ireland’s Revolutionary Tradition, Kieran Allen argues that this pivotal moment in Irish history has been obscured by those who see it only as a prelude for a war of independence. Emphasizing an often ignored social and political radicalism at the heart of the rebellion, he shows that it gave birth to a revolutionary tradition that continues to haunt the Irish elite. Socialist aspirations mixed, and sometimes clashed, with the republican current, but both were crushed in a counterrevolution that accompanied the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921. The result today is a partitioned Ireland that acts as a neoliberal tax haven for multinational corporations—a state of affairs quite alien to both Connolly’s and Pearse’s vision.

Published to coincide with the Rising’s centennial, 1916: Ireland’s Revolutionary Tradition re-establishes the political role of socialist republican figures, offers a highly accessible history of the Easter Rising, and explores the militancy and radicalism that continues to haunt the Irish elite one hundred years later.

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