AFTER BREXIT: Another Europe is Possible


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Another Europe Is Possible

It is now no longer a question of whether, but when the UK will leave the European Union.

Is this a major crisis for Ireland and the rest of the EU?

Contrary to what some commentators would have us think the EU is not a benevolent egalitarian union of peoples but has become an entity where a cartel of elite financial interests reigns over the lives of hundreds of millions of people, the vast majority of whom have no say in how their own social and economic interests are managed.

This massive entity controlled by unaccountable, unelected individuals constantly pushes a policy of privatization ofpublic services and resources and with its neoliberal cheerleaders in Ireland and other countries is directly responsible for the rapidly growing income gap, the removal of social supports rising inequality.

The EU project as a European fortress means that racism and militarism are used to keep out “undesirables” such as desperate families fleeing wars and conflicts caused and fuelled by imperialist interventions in other countries by

EU members states and their US allies. These interventions are aided and abetted by our own government’s policies and support of the further militarization of the EU and the push for battle-groups and a European army.

Is this situation inevitable. Is another Europe possible?

Hosted by People Before Profit Cork, Brian O’Boyle , economist, educator and author will discuss these questions at a meeting in

Isaac’s Hotel

MacCurtain St. Cork

Thursday 21st July at 8pm.

This will be a public meeting and all are welcome.

More information:

086 3556482

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