Ireland’s housing crisis will not be solved by the private sector

Rob Winkel

Ireland cannot trust private property developers to once again take on the role of providing housing stock to the country. The last time it was left to the private sector to house the Irish, they failed catastrophically, taking the country’s economy down in flames with them. It is the Irish citizens who are paying for this crisis through austerity and new taxes who will lose out again if the provision of housing is left to the private sector.

With the average salary Ireland now at €35,000, most workers are priced out of the prospect of ever owning their own private home at current prices. The shortage of affordable housing has led to an increase in demand on the rental sector, with the now all-too-obvious consequences of this apparent: expensive rents, unaffordable to many, for property which is in many cases maintained to a very low standard. When the housing crisis…

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