“Stand Against Trump’s Hate” – People Before Profit Protest in Cork

On January 20, People Before Profit in Cork were proud to host a demonstration against Donald Trump’s hateful and toxic political agenda. The event was a show of resistance of the hard-right policies which Donald Trump embodies and a show of solidarity to those in the US who are fearful of what a Trump presidency may mean for them.

Numerous speakers addressed the crowd, including representatives of People Before Profit (Pat O’Sullivan), the Anti Austerity Alliance (Fiona Ryan), Anti Deportation Ireland (Noma Maye), women’s campaign group Right 2 Choose (Donna Rose) and the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Arthur Leahy). Musician Erika Kulnys also performed for the crowd.

We’d like to send thanks to all those who attended, spoke and performed. There was a great atmosphere, with over 100 people in attendance, which compensated for the cold weather.

Some photos of the event are below, and a video will be made available shortly. If you have any photos or videos that you would like to share with us, please contact us. We will continue to campaign nationally against the politics espoused by Donald Trump. If you would like to, please get involved and join the movement.

When Trump won the US presidency,Enda Kenny was quick to congratulate him on behalf of Irish people. We say that Enda Kenny does not represent the majority of Irish people and we call on him to condemn Trump’s politics of hate. We are petitioning Enda Kenny to cancel his St Patrick’s Day visit to Washington. Please sign here: http://bit.ly/2jWb1BQ

tr_img3.jpg tr_img2.jpg tr_img1.jpg
tr_img4.jpg tr_img5.jpg tr_img6.jpg
tr_img7.jpg tr_img8.jpg tr_img9.jpg

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