Report on Cork protest opposing Donald Trump’s June 2019

The Cork Branch of People Before Profit organised this event to ensure that those who wanted to voice their opposition to US President Donald Trump’s visit to Ireland. All around Ireland protests took place to register the fact that we will not allow the bigotry, racism and climate denial of someone like Donald Trump become ‘normalised’.

The event started with a rally at Grand Parade at which we heard from speakers from People Before Profit, Solidarity, the Communist Party of Ireland, Anti-Deportation Ireland, Extinction Rebellion and the International Workers of the World. The event was a celebration of all the campaigning against the politics of Donald Trump around the world.

Around 150 people turned up to the event. We marched through Cork City and received huge support on the way.

Leo Varadkar and Fine Gael gave Trump a warm welcome that was not representative of the Irish population. So instead we and hundreds of protesters all over Ireland sent our message loud and clear: Trump’s politics are not welcome here!

Thanks to everyone who came along to make this a great success.

See a video of part of the protest here.
Photographs by Shamim Malekmian are posted here.
A few photos of the event are posted here.

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