People Before Profit call for public transport through Jack Lynch Tunnel

People Before Profit in Cork are calling on Cork City Council, Bus Eireann and the National Transport Authority to immediately provide a high-frequency public transport link connecting the East Cork rail links at Little Island with communities based in the Cork southern suburbs.

Presently, thousands of commuters have the following options for their journeys to and from work:

  1. Take a bus from a Cork suburb to the city centre. Then walk across the city centre because bus and rail links do not have sufficient connectivity. Then take a train to East Cork. Overall, this commute takes well over an hour and can be delayed by traffic congestion in the city centre, OR
  2. Drive along the N40 South Ring Road and through the Jack Lynch tunnel, sitting in traffic with thousands of other cars at the Dunkettle Interchange before joining traffic in Little Island or Carrigtwohill.

We want commuters to have a third option: a public transport link along the N40 which utilises the Jack Lynch tunnel to bring commuters. The introduction of public transport along this corridor is a matter of great urgency. It would improve the quality of life for thousands of people and alleviate the severe traffic congestion issues which occur daily at the Dunkettle Interchange.

We want to see the introduction of a high-frequency bus route which connects with rail services to/from East Cork and provides a viable public transport option for all.

The Jack Lynch Tunnel is an important piece of infrastructure in Cork, and it is long overdue that a public transport link is provided through it.


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