PBP Cork announce Bobby Murray Walsh as candidate for Cork South-Central for #GE2020

24-year-old call centre worker Murray Walsh will put housing, transport and climate at the heart of campaign
People Before Profit have announced local activist Bobby Murray Walsh as their candidate for the Cork South Central constituency in the 8th February general election.

Mr Murray Walsh, who lives in Douglas, has said he is ‘most concerned with building the communities we’ll need to face an uncertain future, while fighting back the failed policies of the established parties’. He said his campaign ‘will focus on the issues that affect people in Cork most severely: the need for affordable housing, sustainable transport and urgent action on climate change’.

‘We want to strengthen workers’ rights and shift the tax burden from ordinary workers to the wealthy and the big corporations by closing off their tax loopholes’ Murray Walsh said.

He stated, ‘We want proper rent controls, public investment in social and affordable housing, proper funding and expansion of public transport and the radical, necessary measures to cut Ireland’s carbon emissions and address the climate crisis. To do this, we need to break with the cycle of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael rule.

‘This is a wealthy country, but it is run by the establishment parties for the benefit of the wealthy and the large corporations. Apple owe Ireland €13 billion in back taxes – but the government are spending millions of public money in legal fees to ensure we don’t get it.

‘Ireland is in a unique position to unite against corporate exploitation and environmental disaster; we aim to see this done sooner rather than later’.

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