PBP highlights Cork County Council’s removal of bins in Midleton and calls for immediate increase in public bins

People Before Profit members in East Cork have started a campaign to highlight the removal of public bins in Midleton, Co. Cork. Cork County Council is gradually removing public bins, leaving it to the tidy towns committee to provide makeshift bins tied onto signs and footpaths and to clean up the town. Ordinary people should not have to complete the work of the Local Authority and we are calling on Cork County Council to immediately provide the bins that the public need to enjoy the public areas around the town.

Cork County Council’s unelected CEO Tim Lucey has noted that he would rather not provide any public bins at all, and the strategy being pursued by Cork County Council is leading to the neglect of towns all around the county. See People Before Profit’s statement in response to this ludicrous position by Cork County Council.

Scroll through the the images below which highlight just a few of the bins which have been removed and also note the makeshift bins tied onto benches which ordinary people are having to provide in a desperate attempt to keep the town tidy in the face of the neglect of Cork County Council.

Please contact us if you would like to help in our campaign for Cork County Council to carry out the services that it should be providing.


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