PBP Cork Submission to BusConnects Consultation

The Cork branch of People Before Profit have sent a submission to the Cork BusConnects consultation currently being held by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

Our submission calls for far more to be done to improve Cork’s public transport system as a matter of urgency. Cork City Council and Dáil Eireann have each in the past declared a Climate Emergency and we are calling for emergency funding to be made available to implement the required measures as quickly as possible to remove car journeys from the roads and boost the availability of public transport options.

We have commented on a range of issues and in summary are calling for:

  1. Public Transport to be made free for all users to encourage an increase in ridership;
  2. Assurance that Cork bus routes will not be privatised;
  3. Bus services through the Jack Lynch Tunnel to connect the neighbourhoods to the south of Cork City with those to the East of Cork City.
  4. “Local Link” services which connect residential areas of satellite towns with the town centres, to remove local car journeys from the roads.
  5. Improve connectivity of bus routes with Cork Kent Railway station.
  6. Assurances that all modes of transport will be fully accessible by the elderly and people with disabilities.

A PDF copy of the submission that we have made to the NTA can be downloaded here.

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