Addressing the Common Arguments Favouring Water Charges

Author: People Before Profit Cork   In the past week Fianna Fail abstained on a vote for a motion to scrap water charges. This is not a surprising development even if it is contrary to their election promises. The introduction of the double taxation of water charges (a sizeable portion of general taxation is meant…

Proposed Legislation: Another Disgraceful Attack

Jim O’Connell, a spokesperson for the People Before Profit Alliance in Cork City slams the latest disgraceful attack by the government on the people of this country. The plans to deduct water charges from social welfare and wages is a serious abuse of power. The idea trying to use landlords to deduct the water charges from tenants deposits would put the landlords in the position of bully enforcers for a bully corrupt government.

The Great Water Revolt

A great revolt against water charges and the government has erupted across the country. Hundreds of thousands are protesting in massive display of people power.