Pub Quiz Fundraiser

PBP Cork General Election Campaign Fundraiser Jim O’Connell for Cork South Central Thurs. Jan 14th 8pm Clancy’s Bar Prince’s St      

Proposed Legislation: Another Disgraceful Attack

Jim O’Connell, a spokesperson for the People Before Profit Alliance in Cork City slams the latest disgraceful attack by the government on the people of this country. The plans to deduct water charges from social welfare and wages is a serious abuse of power. The idea trying to use landlords to deduct the water charges from tenants deposits would put the landlords in the position of bully enforcers for a bully corrupt government.

A Proposal for a New Political Initiative

The anti-water charges movement, which has seen hundreds of thousands mobilise and become active in campaigning, has transformed politics in this country. It has forced climb-downs by the government and given people confidence and hope that the austerity agenda can be defeated. It has opened a potential to build a significant Left, working-class political movement.

The Economy Growns, but so Does Poverty

By Ed Harper People Before Profit Alliance (West Cork Branch) This government is renowned for its lying, but the explanation for why Kenny and crew claim there is growth and yet the signs of increasing poverty multiply is very straightforward.  The purpose of the austerity policy which has been oppressing the whole of the EU…